FESPA 2017

ZIMMER COLARIS3 High performance printer

With more 140 years of innovation and developments with well-known quality and service for the textile industry on a global scale, ZIMMER AUSTRIA showcased COLARIS3 - the versatile and economical inkjet printing platform available in the market. It is based on a robust mechanical structure. The print line layout is technology-oriented and can be tailored to the individual needs of every customer or product.

Its modular design enables the integration of additional line components: Starting with a stand-alone printer, the integration of existing equipment at the customer's site or adding third-party line components for an economic layout is daily routine for ZIMMER AUSTRIA.

Technology-oriented selection of line components, in combination with the COLARIS.TEXTILE platform, is the basis for printing and finishing plants to cover fashion fabrics, bed sheets, decorative and upholstery substrates, terry towels, fleece and blanket fabrics, window fashion and outdoor fabrics incl. camping and awnings. The same COLARIS.TEXTILE platform is used to integrate any equipment needed to achieve even a carpet printing and finishing line.

The availability of four different print head configurations is the basis to cover such a range of applications. The printer may be equipped with any of the four versions of FUJIFILM Dimatix StarFireâ„¢ print heads. They provide a droplet size range from 7 through 240 pl, accurately tuned to the needs of any customer. In this context, the engineering and system integration is offered exclusively by ZIMMER AUSTRIA specialists.

The machine is available in 1800, 2600 or 3200 mm working width with 4,6 or 8 different colors. Layout with upto 64 print heads; various combinations such as CMYK only, double CMYK, CMYK plus additional process colors, or CMYK with diluents, etc. can be selected. For special needs, ZIMMER AUSTRIA also offers a 12-color setup, with up to 96 print heads. Available layouts are double-6 colors setup, or even a combination of 8 reactive ink colors plus 4 disperse ink colorss, or any other combination like 6 pigment colors plus 6 VAT color inks for high light fastness printing onto cellulose fabrics.


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