FESPA 2017

Sensient presents Elvajet Alpha and Sensijet® SX technology

Sensient Imaging Technologies is a leading supplier of inkjet inks for digital textile, industrial digital and sublimation printing. As a pioneer developer of innovative digital printing solutions Sensient is placing the customer experience in the core of its offer. Sensient offers one of the the widest range of inkjet inks for textile, UV-curable, edible and water-based inks for industrial printing applications.

Sensient’s ElvaJet® Alpha represents a major innovation in sustainability that reduces the environmental impact of textile printing without compromising on the quality of the printed product. The inks developed under this platform offer superior color vibrancy and through print. ElvaJet® Alpha inks can be applied directly onto virtually any polyester textile, being fixed only with dry heat. With the use of ElvaJet® Alpha inks, there is no washing or other finishing step needed.

Rudy Grosso and Christophe Bulliard

Sensijet® SX technology is sustaining a range of highly versatile aqueous inks for printing onto non-porous and semi-porous substrates. The pigmented, water-based inkjet inks under this platform are Sensient’s environmentally friendly alternative to UV curable and solvent technologies in industrial and commercial printing applications.


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