FESPA 2017

NoeCha announces participation of Itema Group

NoeCha showcased its innovative wide format printing machine. As a part of Itema Group, NoeCha, the Italian-based company, active in the sector of wide format printing with unique and highly acclaimed high-tech printing solutions.  Visitors to NoeCha’s booth discovered the latest features of the successful industrial flatbed, NoeCha ONE, as well as learnt about exciting changes in the Company’s corporate structure with the entry of a brand-new investor, Itema Group.

At FESPA 2017, NoeCha made daily live demonstrations on its racehorse, the wide format industrial UV-LED digital press, NoeCha ONE. Characterized by outstanding quality and high productivity NoeCha ONE is the perfect printer to produce high impact graphics, POS display as well as particular industrial applications.

Characterized by outstanding quality and high productivity NoeCha ONE™ is the perfect printer to produce high impact graphics, POS display as well as particular industrial applications.

The core of the NoeCha ONE is a revolutionary printing engine that enables native 600dpi x 600dpi image quality with up to 4 grayscale level by controlling drop size from 3 pl. to 14 pl. This is how the press delivers photo-realistic quality at production speeds.

The new 3.2x2 m vacuum table divided into 16 zones of vacuum allows excellent printability on different types and sizes of material without the need of masking empty area of the table. This feature combined with the latest model of the fully automatic feeder and stacker system of the NoeCha ONE is meeting the expectation of the customers for more automation.

NoeCha also informed the market about a brand new investor and shareholder, Itema Group.

Itema Group is a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services based in Bergamo province of Italy. The Company is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion weaving technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio and a commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancement of its weaving machines.  The Company is also unique in its sector with two R&D units, of which one – ItemaLab – entirely dedicated to breakthrough innovations and the development of the “loom of the future.”

Part of the group of companies belonging to Radici Family, Itema is the largest privately held company in its sector.

Mr. Carlo Rogora, CEO, Itema Group.

NoeCha, thanks to its new collaboration with Itema, will guarantee to its customers an even more timely, reliable and efficient global service.

In the words of Mr Marco Baio, NoeCha CEO: “The cooperation with Itema Group marks for NoeCha an important new milestone and will enable us to quickly become an industrial-scale powerhouse, ensuring to our customers reduced time to market, faster deliveries and the highest production quality standards.”

Mr Carlo Rogora, Itema Group CEO, commented: “Itema Group is a solid, innovation-driven and globally minded Company. We chose NoeCha due to its forward-thinking mission which perfectly matches our dedication in supplying top performances and advanced machinery. Combining our strengths, we will reach new heights of success in the development and in the manufacturing of innovative, highly technological products. Itema will guarantee to NoeCha customers worldwide a structured organization, based on the most modern lean manufacturing concepts in its production sites and on a global network of agents and distributors.”


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