FESPA 2017

Cibitex easy coat/dry pretreatment

Established in 1975, Cibitex is a specialized manufacturer of textile finishing machinery and offers a wide range of products including pre and post-treatment units for digitally printed fabrics, from coating to the washing cycle. They provide state of the art technologies, as well as a range of consulting, pre and post-sales services.

Cibitex design their own products and select the best raw materials and components, in order to deliver the highest level of quality, efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use.

Cibitex spends all its efforts to be a sustainable by manufacturing efficient technologies that reduce power consumption and allows customers to respect the environment and save money.

Cibitex has obtained the 100% Made in Italy Certificate by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, to certify that the company acts accordingly to system IT01 – 100% Original Italian Quality, which valid for all the units manufactured in Italy.

Cibitex team at Fespa 2017.

The easyCOAT/DRY is a compact unit for pre-treatment and drying of fabrics up to 180 linear meters/hour. The coater/dryer is designed to work in combination with the most advanced inkjet printers up to 3.3 meters using both acids, reactive or pigmented inks.

Due to its compactness, versatility, ease-of-use and fast turnaround times, it can be installed in any production department and can serve one or more inkjet printing units.

Its modular design, easyCOAT/DRY is available in different widths and can be ordered with full coating/drying units or just the drying module for basic requirements. In order to protect the customer’s investment in the long term, all the drying-only units can be upgraded on-field with the coating station.

According to customer needs, the multifunctional unit can be easily used as dryer-only by disabling/bypassing the coating station.


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