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New Tomsic Autoleveller upgrade for Toyoda Drawframes

TOMSIC, established in 1956, is an Italian family-owned company well known for its full range of autolevellers with unbeatable results, easy operation, very low maintenance cost and long-life expectancy. Large and increasing amount of drawframes, are nowadays equipped with TOMSIC autoleveller.

TOMSIC is now pleased to introduce a new AUTOLEVELLER UPGRADE dedicated to TOYODA Drawframe model DX8-LT (and also for other drawframe models). The new autolevelling concept includes a sophisticated output sliver quality monitoring and production data. Furthermore, TOMSIC guarantees to all Pakistani customers prompt and competent local assistance and long-term availability of spare parts.

Scope of supply:

  1. Installation of Tomsic patented DLS (Dual Laser Sensor) sensor for T&G. The DLS is 100% digital sensor with best accuracy in way to detect correct enter slivers mass. This signal is transmitted to the main CPU for calculating the new draft value.
  2. Drivers and motors. The original motors and driver are changed with new ones. TOMSIC guarantees a long-term availability of spare parts.
  3. QM – Sliver quality monitoring. On the output calenders is installed a sensor for monitoring 24 hours/day the produced quality. Measured parameters: A%, A%-S, CV% and CV at different cut lengths, Thick Places (TP).
  4. CPU controller with display and keyboard (only one CPU for each delivery).

Scope of supply.

The advantages of the new TOMSIC upgrade include the QM Sliver quality monitoring strong construction sensor. The measuring trumpet can be considered indestructible. The d-T&G scanning rollers are built with a special material, suitable to process any type of fiber.

The new autoleveller upgrade is equipped with the patented T&G sensor, 100% digital, with one-touch adjustment procedure, without special tools and technicians.

The TOMSIC autoleveller calibrates the autoleveller and sliver quality monitoring automatically. The count calibration is automatic too.

The production and efficiency data are always available thanks to the production monitoring included in the autoleveller.

For further information, please contact directly Tomsic or
Tahir and Sons, the Tomsic agent based in
Lahore, Pakistan.


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