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FERRARO: State-of-the-art finishing solutions for Pakistani market

The X-PRESS 4T is the new tubular rope opening machine for the squeezing of the tubular knitted fabrics after the dyeing process. 

The X-PRESS 2T/4T provides the opening, squeezing and chemical application for tubular fabrics. The high-efficiency balloon squeezer for knitted fabrics in tubular form comes with the unique and patented rubber compound, that ensures the lowest residual moisture at low pressure.

The EASY COMPTEX is suitable for the compaction of any kind of tubular knitted fabric. The machine cylinders with a big diameter (470 mm) allow compacting and speed values not reachable with standard machines. EASY COMPTEX can be provided with different kind of exit modules; one for high precision folding, another one for high precision rollers.


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