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CIBITEX sanforizer model ShrinkTEX W series

Cibitex Srl is one of the leading manufacturers of compressive shrinking lines for woven fabrics and open width knitted fabrics. The sanforizing and shrinking plants for open knitted fabrics are recognised worldwide, together with Cibitex denim finishing lines

ShrinkTEX series W

ShrinkTEX series W is specially made for the treatment of fabrics.  This machine has two main purposes. First to shrink the fabric in order to give a dimensional stability to wovens fabrics. Secondly to ensure a soft and pleasant hand and finishing touch to fabrics. This can be achieved by processing the fabric into the shrinkage unit with rubber belt and felt calender (palmer).

CIBITEX provides different configurations of shrinkage lines, in accordance with the type of fabrics that are to be processed, their weight, and required production capacity.

SingeTEX series W

SingeTEX series W is modern and  technologically advanced machine range and we took into  consideration both environment and safety standards.

These singeing plants are complete with all the necessary devices to adjust the flames and the singeing position. The dogal system at the input  with expanding unit is specially designed for the treatment of knits.

The possibility to  equip the machines with 1 or 2 burners and also the water flow control for the cooling of burners and operating rollers offers additional benefits.

The fabric  feeding device in machine allows an efficient fume exhaust from the unit. The fume and dust removal system is an environment-friendly system to remove the pollution. A particular system  designed by Cibitex is ideal for flame adjustment which allows excellent results even on delicate fabric articles.


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