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Biancalani, 60 years full of satisfaction

When in 1957 Fiorenzo Biancalani decided to open his own construction company for wet wool finishing machinery he was only twenty-seven year and the Prato textile district was extremely alive.

From the early 80's his children Rossano, Massimo and Rossana have taken Biancalani to new heights. Today Biancalani has developed a large commercial network starting to be well known outside the borders of Europe.

Since 1985, the company also started the production of dry finishing machinery: that year arrived AIRO, a machine with fabric transport in an air jet for beautiful finishings, never seen before.

In 2006 AIRO was followed by AIRO 24, assuring the same type of unconventional fabric processing, but in continuous and in open width.

There is a large demand for this machine and it is used with satisfaction in all the textile districts of the world. The AIRO 24 also obtained an interesting development in the terry towel sector. But many other sectors benefit with the treatment of this machine: clothing, denim, upholstery, printed fabrics,  certain kind of knitwear, and so on.

“Biancalani also launched MILLA, BRIO, and BRIO 24 while other projects are under development,” says Rossano Biancalani, chairman.

“We have no regrets in these first 60 years, only satisfaction to be still in the market and appreciated all over the world.  Now, after so much time, we are there to give to clients our experience, our constant presence and full services for their fabrics. And we will continue to be there.”

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