Pakistan remains one of the most important markets for Italian textile machinery

Italy is one of the most important trading partners of Pakistan that holds great promise for future growth of the business. Strong and long term ties between the textile industry of Pakistan and the Italian textile machinery are perfect examples of such a partnership. Italian companies are providing state of the art textile machinery for all sectors of the textile industry, including spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.  While Pakistan’s spinning sector is facing difficulties these days, the value added sectors of weaving, dyeing, finishing and printing and apparel processing technologies are greatly benefitting from the Italian technology to achieve high-value addition required to compete in the global market.

The strong textile industry of Italy is based on the tradition of high fashion and design. Milan, for example, can be considered as one of the leading fashion capitals of the world.  Who is not familiar with the exquisite traditional silk from Como or the versatile woollen textiles from the Biella region. Similarly, Pakistan’s cotton textiles are renowned well known for their comfort, quality and versatility.

It is therefore not surprising that Pakistan’s textile industry and Italy’s textile machinery industry are highly compatible.  From very large Italian companies to medium-sized machinery manufacturers all are doing well in their exports of their cutting edge technology to Pakistan.  The most important investments taking place in Pakistan these days are in digital printing, textile processing, denim manufacturing and processing and also apparel subsectors.  There are a number of Italian machinery manufacturers catering to the needs of these growing sectors in Pakistan.

According to Mr. Pellegata, the Secretary General of  ACIMIT, the Italian textile machinery manufacturers association, exports of Italian machinery to Pakistan have shown a remarkable increase in the year 2016 to reach 80 million euro, an increase of 70% over 2015.  Until 2015 the yearly growth of had remained nominal with exports capping at 49 million euros in 2013. Finishing machines topped the exports to Pakistan with 53% of total exports followed by spinning machines at 23%. Pakistan is now the 6th export market for Italian textile machinery.  

The newly elected President of ACIMIT, Mr Alex Zucchi as well as the outgoing President, Mrs Carabelli are well known and highly regarded personalities in Pakistan due to their long association with our textile industry.

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