Country to enhance cotton production to 1.0 million bales

Bangladesh Cotton Development Board has adopted a five-year project titled "Extensive Cotton Cultivation" considering importance of the sector and its further development. According to experts, cotton production can be enhanced to around 0.8 million bales to 1.0 million bales from the existing hardly 0.1 million bales annually.

On successful implementation of the project, the cotton production will increase many fold and that will save huge foreign currency. At a regional workshop titled "Prospect of Cotton Farming in Barind Tract and Extension Strategy" held at Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA) in Rajshahi, Agricultural scientists and researchers urged the farmers and others concerned to expand cotton farming for boosting up its production to meet up the country's demand.

They viewed prospect of boosting cotton production in the drought-prone baring region is bright as its topography and climatic condition are suitable for the cash crop. Dr Farid Uddin said that there is an enormous prospect of boosting cotton production after the best uses of existing natural resources.


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