Bonas Si27: Top of the Shed Innovator range

VANDEWIELE, the leading supplier of carpet and velvet weaving machines, tufting systems and textile accessories, showed its latest developments of textile products and related machinery on Techtextil in Frankfurt Germany.

The new Si27 jacquard is the highest hook capacity jacquard in the Bonas family.

With its 27,648 hooks it enables the production of high density fabrics at unrivalled speed. Compared to previous models, the power consumption has been lowered still by a newly designed selection and drive mechanism.

The new selection mechanism features the 100% electronic Bonas micro-selector that allows full diagnostics. The drive system has also been redesigned resulting in a lighter and balanced drive mechanism with minimal vibrations.

Si jacquards are the most condensed jacquards in the market today occupying 40% less space than comparable jacquards with the same hook capacity.

In some cases, these very compact jacquards can even be directly installed on the loom, using a superstructure.

Innovations include further developments woven on the JEC award-winning 3D-Lighttrans weaving machine for multi-layer woven panels with integrated stringers, omega-profiles and hollow reinforcements.

Other developments relate to new design possibilities in the field of one piece shoe-weaving, for creating 3D-effects and increased local permeability.

VANDEWIELE Group international

As a major textile technology company and leading manufacturer of carpet and velvet weaving machines, electronic Jacquards, feeders, controllers, finishing machinery, extrusion and tufting machines and equipment manufacturers, the Van de Wiele Group nowadays touches every continent.

The Group employs more than 2500 people in 14 plants worldwide. The interaction between complementary activities results in building a strong local presence across diverse and dynamic markets, leveraging global intellectual and industrial capabilities. The Belgian headquarters and hub of all operations harmonizes the skills of their overseas professionals


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