SMIT GS940 Smart Platform

Established in 1938 and recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT officially joined SANTEX RIMAR GROUP in April 2016. SMIT has been a forerunner in the weaving textile machine sector since 1938 and has become a key player worldwide in supplying weaving machines for a large variety of applications: the technology characterizing SMIT production includes weaving machines with rapier weft insertion for home textiles, garments and terry cloths; customized solutions for the production of special technical fabrics.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP and SMIT share values such as quality, high levels of innovation, flexibility, versatility and commitment to fulfil customer’s expectations.

The achieved synergy between SMIT and SANTEX RIMAR GROUP allows customers to rely on a global service network, high-quality products, deep technological heritage and above all on an integrated technology provider for all production processes, from loom to finished - natural and technical - textiles.


The GS940 is a structural architecture concept involving the whole machine project – mechanics, electronics and communication systems – to produce a range of highly diversified textile fabrics. It is the answer to the market demand of high productivity, energy consumption, quality and flexibility of changing the style of classic fabrics for fashion and furnishing. Results achieved with advanced mechanical design and technological parameters minimise stress on the weft and on warp yarns. With free flight carbon composite ribbons system without hooks guides, GS940C provides the fastest weaving width change, high textile efficiency and top fabric quality even with the most delicate yarn fabrics.

GS 940 T for technical textile production

GS940 T is a proven profitable investment for any technical textile production, especially if it needs dedicated customization. The compact construction of GS940 T is built on the Platform Architecture concept: it features a distortion-free frame and a vibration-free running which are suitable for any technical fabric.

SMIT ONE, a special version of GS940 T, is a mono-gripper designed to produce the most sophisticated fabrics, with fancy/irregular weft yarns as well as conveyor belts and bolting cloth in the field of technical applications, from fabrics for safety applications to filters and sportswear.

GS940 F for terry fabrics

The GS940 F technology to produce first-rate terry fabrics is characterised by the patented system of pile formation by slay motion that ensures the gentlest treatment of warp yarns called Dynamic Pile Control. The electronic pile control allows freely programmable pick ratio to create unique pile relief patterns. The maximum loose pick distance of 24mm and the freely programmable pile height enable to introduce unique effects such as waveforms.


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