Pushing technical weaving forward. Impossible? Not anymore!

At Picanol stand during Techtextil Frankfurt, the new promotion campaign was launched.  Mr. Erwin Devloo explained the basic concepts to Pakistan Textile Journal.

Picanol attended Techtextil Frankfurt where it presented its solutions for technical textiles. In addition to state-of-the-art-weaving machines, Picanol also showcased a full range of solutions for technical weavers, including service, spare parts, upgrade kits and advice. In fact Picanol offers a whole new approach to technical weaving, as demonstrated by its dedicated technical teams present at the exhibition. These experts were able to answer questions on service, speed, upgradability, alternatives for other technologies etc., demonstrating Picanol’s competency and commitment in this area.

High specifications with flexibility and modularity. Impossible? Not anymore.

World-class technology with world-class customer service, worldwide. Impossible? Not anymore.

Meeting the highest technical standards, yet very competitively priced compared to the market equivalent. Impossible? Not anymore.

Picanol aims to grow in the technical market. But above all, Picanol wants its customers to grow, through versatility, speed, good service, and reliability. That’s why Picanol’s baseline is: “Let’s grow together!” Impossible, you say? Not anymore.

The year 2016 was reported as the  Picanol’s best year ever in line with the previously announced forecast, the Picanol Group (Euronext: PIC) realized a consolidated turnover of 639.78 million euros over the 2016 financial year, which represented an increase in turnover of 20.8% compared to the 529.34 million euros recorded in 2015. This means that the Picanol Group outperformed its previous record year (a turnover of 559.98 million euros was recorded in 2013), and this all took place in the year that Picanol Group celebrated its 80th anniversary.

In 2016, the Weaving Machines Division experienced a record breaking year. The growing demand for quality and technology created strong sales and an increased market share in many markets. This resulted in Picanol putting a record number of weaving machines on the market in 2016, thereby especially focusing on dealing with production peaks. The Industries Division also had a strong year and increased its contribution to the group result thanks to a higher turnover in various sectors. This allows the Picanol Group to achieve its strategic ambition to further diversify the activities of the group.


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