IGATEX - 2017

THIES highlights iCone dyeing machine and mini-soft

iCone is the new development that consolidates the highest ecological standards with technological intelligence to achieve large savings in water and electricity consumption. The iCone is based upon Thies’s eco-bloc series, but it also incorporates a newly designed ‘pump block’ system, which allows dyeing with an ultra short liquor ratio. Depending on carry-over of the material, liquor ratios of 1:3.6 in partially flooded vessels are now possible in mill practice.

Improved rinsing functions are said to allow reduction of after-treatment time by almost one hour. Moreover, the new ‘suction pipe’ design enables adjustment of flow reversal - from inside to outside and outside to inside. The iCone has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of stringent international and local environmental protection regulations with simultaneous consideration of its economic efficiency.

Thies mini-soft

A small production machine the mini-soft bridges the gaps between research, laboratory and production. With its extraordinary flexibility, the mini-soft can be used for multiple purposes including research and development, quality assurance, laboratory trials, sample dyeings and small-scale production. Due to a high level of reproducibility and portability, the results are easily applicable in regular production.

The mini-soft is available in both vertical (mini-soft E) and horizontal (mini-soft TRD) versions, and is the ideal machine for wet processing of woven and knitted fabrics produced from natural, man-made fibres and their blends. The machine is designed to operate up to 140oC and with a variable liquor ratio; starting at 1:6 (mini-soft E) or 1:12 (mini-soft TRD) respectively.


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