IGATEX - 2017

SANTONI offers synergies for the knitting industry of Pakistan

Santoni, part of the Lonati group,  is the very first Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer from Italy. Al Ameen as a representative of Santoni presents some of the machine relevant for knitting industry of Pakistan.

SANTONI – Electronic Seamlesswear Knitting Machines

A comprehensive range of electronic single and double jersey circular knitting machines for the production of seamless sportswear, activewear, outerwear, knitwear, swimwear, beachwear, underwear, lingerie, loungewear, nightwear, medical wear and shapewear.

SANTONI – Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machines

A comprehensive range of Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machines offering both Single and Double Jersey machines. It includes also the well-known ATLAS ‘sinkerless’ machine available in conventional as well as ultrafine Gauges (up to 80gg).

SANGIACOMO & MATEC  -  Sock, Hosiery and Medical Knitting Machines

A complete range of circular knitting machines for mens’ socks and ladies hosiery as well as machines for medical legwear for both men and ladies.

MEC-MOR - Circular Knitted Garment Length MEC-MOR Machines

Circular knitting machines complete with rib border separation. The only more efficient and profitable alternative to flat-bed machine knitting is now available upto 20gg.


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