IGATEX - 2017

Monforts Thermex continuous dyeing range with Econtrol®

Thermex 5500 is the modern system for the continuous dye shop and finisher. It is characterized by outstanding cost-effectiveness when dyeing both long and short batches.

 The latest future-oriented techniques and process technology ensure that the machine can be expanded into a continuous range. All in all, it is a universal hotflue for continuous dyeing, condensing and thermosoling with unrivalled reliability at the highest fabric speeds.

Exclusively for Econtrol® processes for continuous dyeing of woven and knitted fabrics

An impressive feature of the Thermex continuous dyeing with Econtrol® is its energy savings. The cost of utilities in Pakistan is very high; almost equal to the total cost of dyes and chemical consumption. The continuous process Econtrol® is not only energy efficient but also offers ecological advantages of continuous finishing with a minimum use of chemicals.

The air circulation fans in each Thermex unit are arranged symmetrically and designed to provide the perfect match for the various heating systems used in the processes of drying, thermosoling and curing.


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