IGATEX - 2017

MURATEC displays VORTEX III 870 spinning machine

VORTEX III 870 launched at ITMA Barcelona 2011, has been highly evaluated for performance, quality, and easier operations.

The accumulated delivery of VORTEX III 870 has already exceeded one thousand. According to Murata, “Nowadays, the market demands are diversified, and we will continue our efforts to develop VORTEX technology for further applications area, functions, applicable kinds and yarn counts.”

It is important to note that during spinning, the longer fibres converge to form the core and short fibres diverge to the outer layer by the air. The unique yarn construction by Murata technology gives VORTEX yarn the following advantages: Less hairiness & clear appearance, resistance to pilling and abrasion, water absorption and wash resistance and stability against deformation.

The STS (Spinning Tension Stabilizing) System is a unique and landmark spinning system first used on the VORTEX III 870. The newly developed Friction Roller is equipped instead with the nip roller. This offers more precise control of the drawing of yarn from the spinning. Lastly, integrating the clearing part into the spinning part results in the optimum spinning monitoring. The VOS III visual on-demand system is a data management system which is both flexible and easy to use. It is the product of Muratec’s technology and know-how.


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