IGATEX - 2017


MCS SpA is one of the leading names in the world’s textile machinery manufacturing industry acquired TERMOELETTRONICA (a part of MCS Group) in the year 2000. The MCS Group along with Mustex Corporation displays Dynamica Sprint during IGATEX 2017.

Dynamica Sprint

DYNAMICA allows dyeing at a low liquor ratio of 1:3.5. The new design allows the fabric to be deposited in troughs, and when combined with the plaiting system, thereby, increasing the real capacity of the machine. The new system takes advantage of the pressure generated by the circulation pump and of the liquor inside the machine, by every liquor drain, the SSCF Self-Cleaning-Filter (patent pending) is being washed-off. This fact remarkably reduces the cleaning operations of filters and improves the performance of the circulation pump itself.

Dynamica Sprint is available in these versions: Knit-Woven (Vers. J), Upholstery (Vers. U) and in special versions for TOWEL (Vers. T or TT) up to 400 kg/trough. Dynamica is available either with Single Rope Execution or with Independent Ropes.

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