IGATEX - 2017

PINTER CAIPO displays 3Dcore

PinterCaipo has engineered a complete device to fit on existing ring frames, which allow spinners to produce yarns that result in the novel fabric and garment features.

PinterCaipo based on the diverse experience of more than 25 years in core spinning technology has developed the 3Dcore device incorporating the most advanced components to obtain optimum results in spinning, and therefore, taking into account all the unique details which make the difference in the final quality and properties of the yarn.

The Core-spun yarns made with dualFX® technology by LYCRA® brand require a precise insertion. This becomes critical when the percentage of core filament is very high as compared to a single elastic core yarn: any deviation of the core from spun fibres will be visible and the breakage rate will increase consequently.

Last, but not the least, the PinterCaipo guiding sets help to keep the filament in position during the entire spinning process, with no false filament drafts; these are the basics for quality and efficient production with minimum end breaks.


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