IGATEX - 2017

BRÜCKNER presents the latest finishing technologies

The POWER-FRAME stenter generation

The latest POWER-FRAME stenter generation has been developed with innovative ideas by the best technologists. The stenter meets the highest performance and quality requirements with a minimum of energy consumption. The BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenter generation provided with optimised split-flow process control technology meets maximum capacity requirements to achieve optimum production results, high production output and minimum energy consumption. The modular design allows an individual adaptation to the customer's needs.

BRÜCKNER POWER-SHRINK sanforizing line

The BRÜCKNER POWER-SHRINK sanforizing line offers many possibilities to sanforize even highly sensitive knitwear to achieve a smoother touch, very low residual shrinkage values and to meet in the end the highest demands on quality.

In order to ensure the improvement of brightness and touch, the fabric is sanforized with a BRÜCKNER POWER-SHRINK, after which passes through a calender. The residual shrinkage values before sanforizing are between 8% and 12% and after sanforizing, they are - even for knitted fabric - range between 5% and 0%. With mere cotton articles, it is really possible to reach residual shrinkage values of zero, articles with 3 - 4% elastane can reach residual shrinkage values between 0% and 3%. In the case of viscose articles, the residual shrinkage is normally between 2% and 4%.

According to Ms. Regina BRÜCKNER, owner and CEO of the BRÜCKNER group: “Our customers have a true interest in sustainable products and they know the benefits of life cycle considerations. In most cases, the investment in high-quality machines turns out to be profitable because the consumption of energy and spare parts as well as the maintenance over the lifetime of the product are clearly lower. The positive feedback from our customers shows the success of our product development in sustainable, efficient and reliable machines. We will consequently follow this way also in future. Thus we bank also in future on Germany with its skilled labour as a location for industry. We ensure thereby that our lines “made in Germany” satisfy the high expectations of our customers regarding quality and efficiency.”


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