Textile Asia 2017 Karachi

SUNWIN® highlights drying solutions for the textile industry

According to Mr. Andy Chow, Director, SUNWIN®, “At Textile Asia 2017 our focus is on XTD Continuous Towel Tumble Dryer. It has a specially designed blower and inverter speed control with the high efficient heat exchanger to ensure even and strong air flow to perform perfect tumbling. High production capacity up to 7-8 tons per day can be achieved from one 2.4 meters working width machine. For 3.2 meters working width dryer, it can achieve 10-12 tons per day production. The power consumption is also reduced due to a good combination of the blower and inverter.”

He added,”It has a reliable user-friendly touch screen controller with PLC to control the speed and temperature. The tumbling tube connected with the blower is made from stainless steel SUS304 which ensures long lifetime use. The XTD allows the towel to have perfect hand feel with good softness, perfect bulkiness due to raised piles with greatly improved water absorbency.”

Our honorable customers are: Fazal Sardar, Size Textile, Tulip Towel, A-one Towel and Al Hamra Knitwear Industries.


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