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SANTONI – One group linked in technical and commercial synergies

Founded in 1919. Santoni is the very first Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer. In 1988 it became part of the Lonati group, a Group that operates in several different sectors of activity, i.e., textile engineering, electronics, iron and steel manufacture, agriculture, financing, real estate, research and multi-utility.

In the last 20 years, Santoni has developed a series of circular electronic “Seamlesswear” knitting machines becoming the world leader in this technology.

“ Seamlesswear” machines are a revolution in the world of textile machinery. Their use was initially limited to the production of underwear, but now they have evolved into the various applications areas, such as sportswear, beachwear, medical-wear, knitwear, sweaters and other types of outerwear apparels.

The constant drive of Santoni’s Research and Development Department has brought to the market a unique range of different types of machines to satisfy various market requirements.

The Santoni Group is the unique combination of a technological and a commercial synergy among related companies. “All-in-one-Group“ means that with this combined innovation and leadership, machinery solutions are constantly being created for customers to allow them to meet the continually challenging demands of the textile fashion world.

Complete range of textile machinery offered by Santoni includes:

SANTONI – Electronic Seamlesswear Knitting Machines

A comprehensive range of electronic single and double jersey circular knitting machines for the production of seamless sportswear, activewear, outerwear, knitwear, swimwear, beachwear, underwear, lingerie, loungewear, nightwear, medical wear and shapewear.

SANTONI – Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machines

A comprehensive range of Large Diameter Circular Knitting Machines offering both Single and Double Jersey machines. It includes also the well-known ATLAS ‘sinkerless’ machine available in conventional as well as ultrafine Gauges (up to 80gg).

SANGIACOMO & MATEC  -  Sock, Hosiery and Medical Knitting Machines

A complete range of circular knitting machines for mens’ socks and ladies hosiery as well as machines for medical legwear for both men and ladies.

MEC-MOR - Circular Knitted Garment Length MEC-MOR Machines

Circular knitting machines complete with rib border separation. The only more efficient and profitable alternative to flat-bed machine knitting is now available upto 20gg.

The reversible track jacket.

SANTONI – Automatic Sewing Machines Division

Automatic sewing machines for the hosiery industry. Robotics for Hosiery, Sewing and Finishing.

Finishing line of products

Boarding (Tecnopea) and finishing

Design and production of Boarding and Packaging Machines for the Hosiery Industry.


Electronic Software and Hardware.

What is the Seamless technology?

Seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing free of those irritating side seams. Fewer seams and strategically placed boundaries provide designers with a multitude of style and colours in which to create products for a variety of end users that fully integrate fashion with function.

Most important key advantages and benefits

Fewer sewing and finishing costs, lower energy costs, “just-in-time” production,  ability to transition from one yarn type to another without sewing, different layers with specific properties, breathability, engineered zones and “ wellness” applications, different elasticity in different parts of the body and design, flexibility  styling and performance are some of the most important key advantages.

Machines & products

A new original interpretation of seamless products with high performance personality for a modern urban look has been created with SANTONI’S SM8-TOP2V, the latest generation of machine. This machine offers exceptional productivity, on average 30% higher than the previous model and is incredibly energy efficient. Thanks to continuous technological research, it allows a lower environmental footprint, with improved ergonomic design enabling an ease of servicing, all combining to offer a potential 30% extra production. When combined with a 15% reduction in energy consumption and the machine offers improved environmental sustainability.  It is also user friendly, and equipped with redesigned parts, all of which contribute to an increased final product quality.

The MEC-MOR CMP machine with open variable panel (Variatex Technology) is a circular knitted garment length machine complete with rib border separation. It offers both high quality finished items, and superb productivity with its large number of feeds. One single machine can produce all sizes without wastages, thanks to the variable width of the fabric panels that allows the exact number of working needles to be selected for the required size of product.

 New one-piece stretch-denim apparel collection.

In earlier models the knit and transfer systems had to be manually replaced according to the knit design. On the CMP machine the integral knit or transfer function can be selected to perform either function as dictated by the knitting design, optimizing the machine’s production capability.

On this machine a highly innovative and totally reversible track jacket has been created that provides great comfort.  Incorporated into the fabric panel are both the border and the pockets. Various patterns and logos can be designed on this double-faced jacket as well.

The Mec-Mor machine is now available up to 20gg and is the only more efficient and profitable alternative to the flat-bed knitting machine.

Santoni is also approaching the Denim market with the brand-new Santoni machine type SM8-EVO4J with its new one-piece stretch-denim apparel collection. A totally innovative new look denim capsule collection has been recently launched.

This machine further exploits its unique seamless features, enabling it to play an important new role in the denim market.

Santoni group is represented in Pakistan
by Al Ameen and can be contacted at Hall 5 during
IGATEXexhibition at Karachi Expo Centre.


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