IGATEX Pakistan 2017

SSM DIGICONE® 2 -Advanced winding algorithm

DIGICONE® step precision winding – developed by Schweiter in the 1970s – combines the advantages of random winding and precision winding.

The ratio between double strokes and number of revolutions is kept constant for a certain diameter range in the latest DIGICONE® step precision winding. The crossing angle varies only slightly within a range of ±1°. This results in an enhanced package density that does not change with increasing package diameter. So the building of pattern zones is avoided and the package maintains a stable structure without any ribbons. Due to this stable structure, the risk of complete layers “slipping off” during the unwinding process of dyed packages, as known with random winding, is completely eliminated.

The introduction of the XENO platform opened new possibilities for optimizing the winding algorithm. Thanks to this new machine platform, SSM could release DIGICONE® 2, enabling an increase of dye package density by another 10–24% with unchanged dyeing recipes.


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