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Fadis: Advanced winding technologies

More than 57 years of experience and the co-operation with the most important companies specialized in the process of ELASTIC YARNS has allowed Fadis to develop the most advanced technologies aimed at reaching the optimal relationship between all above factors.

Fadis is in fact worldwide and absolute leader in this specific field having the possibility to offer the most appropriate machine range to prepare yarns, in the form of Packages, Fapp™, Muff and Hanks.


The SINCRO M (SINCE 2007) is a new concept of winding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guides, which can reach speeds up to 1.750 m/min, it is now possible to produce FAPP™ low density packages (Fadis Precision Package), which allow for wide retraction margins of the yarn during the dyeing phase, thus keeping a high residual elasticity percentage of the elasticized yarn.

Therefore, with this widely tested technological system, and the possibility of unwinding the FAPP™ with the SINCRO RFM SW (SINCE 2001) rewinding machine with its “on-line” tension control, it is possible to obtain qualitative results quite similar to hank dyeing but with the same simplicity and economy typical of yarn package dyeing.


Thanks to an historical experience matured in the winding field, especially with the SWIFTENS tension controlled hank winding system, Fadis is aware of the difficulties connected to the unwinding of low density packages, and is the one of the first to develop  the SINCRO RFM SW rewinding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guide with a tension controlled motorized unwinding device with “à la déroulé” system to unwind the “FAPP™”, “MUFF”, “BOBBINS” and “HANKS” on their various feeder supports with the “à la déroulé” system at a speed of up to 1.400 m/min meaning three or four times faster than any other existing technology.


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