IGATEX Pakistan 2017

Dechang Compact Spinning Technology

Ningbo Dechang, a high-tech enterprise, specialises in research, manufacturing, marketing and service of the compact spinning device, and thus win the National Award for Technological Invention and First Award for Science & Technology Progress of Zhengjiang Province in 2007. Their products are largely exported to many countries such as Pakistan, India, Turkey and Vietnam.

Dechang has recently launched the latest compact spinning technology suitable for 100% cotton, 100% viscose, PV, PC and various types of blends. It consists of longest drafting zone which compacts within 51 mm fibre length. It is more economical, the rubber cots and middle gears operation cost are reduced by 50%. The drafting ratio is changeable for cotton 1.056, viscose 1.01 and blends changeable on different mix rate.

Ningbo Dechang is represented in Pakistan by
Mars Trading and can be contacted in
Hall no. 2 at IGATEX Pakistan 2017.

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