Kiian Digital Digistar Bravo: The new disperse ink for direct printing

Kiian Digital is a JK Group brand, which plays a central role in the digital textile printing market and it is one of the the largest industrial digital sublimation group with leading technologies, and a global presence.

Kiian Digital brand portfolio includes sublimation, disperse and pigment inks designed for the Textile printing market. With its roots in industrial speciality printing products, Kiian Digital has a long experience in development of customised products for different print heads and applications. 

 Alessandra Borghi, Sales Director, Kiian Digital.

Digistar Bravo has been developed with Industrial textile printing requirements in mind: high runability and best-in-class printing performance. The range consists of 11 vivid colours among which, the two blacks stand out for their deep intensity; high rubbing and light-fastness. “We are very excited; Digistar Bravo has been subjected to the stricter testing enable superior performance in Industrial printing” points out Marco Girola, Kiian Digital Marketing Specialist. “Digistar Bravo is part of Kiian Digital’s branding strategy to meet the cutting-edge demands of commercial digital textile printing; bringing together the highest quality inks with global support,” adds Alessandra Borghi, Kiian Digital Sales Director.

The updated sublimation ink range for direct printing assures effectiveness, efficiency and colour brightness of prints. The sublimation range for transfer printing enables fast-fashion requirements of mass-customization and just in time production. The recently updated pigment ink range, designed for direct printing, the alternative to the traditional inkjet printing thanks to the user-friendliness and high light-fastness.

“Sustainability touches everything we do: the raw materials we use, the way in which we produce our products and the final finished good we provide to our customers. We strive to develop products that make a positive difference to the environment and at the same time provide value for the customers” says Martin Swift, JK Group Marketing and Development Director.


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