Biancalani excellence in terry towel finishing

Biancalani, with 60 years of experience in the production of textile finishing machinery, has recently signed an important agreement with Trident Ltd India, one of the world's largest terry towel manufacturers, for an initial supply of two terry towel finishing lines, composed of five AIRO 24 continuous tumble dryers, in Tandem and Triplex configuration. This interesting success comes after a substantial supply of 17 machines AIRO 24, in various configurations, to another Indian giant Welspun India Ltd. which is active in the production of quality terry towels and home textiles.

AIRO 24, a high-efficiency continuous open-width tumble dryer, develops the original Biancalani AIRO concept: an extremely fast airflow is tamed and efficiently directed to dry and accelerate the fabric, shooting it against a special grid made of stainless steel bars.

The particular design of the air path and the impact grid allows the customer to achieve the best terry fabric ever produced until now. It is interesting to note that about 300 AIRO 24 continuous tumble dryers (and more than 1200 AIRO batch machines) are working worldwide.

Many manufacturers of terry towel in Turkey, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Russia, Japan, Central America, China, India and Pakistan are rewarding their customers with the exclusive Biancalani AIRO 24 finishing.

Biancalani is represented in Pakistan by Mustex Corporation can be contacted during IGATEX show in Karachi, Pakistan.


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