“Efficient and eco-friendly production of textiles is the most important factor for
long term success.”
Says Mr. Huseyin Birben in an exclusive interview of Pakistan Textile Journal.

Can you tell us about Beneks?

Beneks was established in 1988, and next year we shall celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We started Beneks with the production of textile finishing machinery namely balloon squeezing machines. This type of machine was not produced in Turkey before us and we received excellent response from our Turkish customers. In a very short time, it became very popular and made us very successful in the textile machinery business. We are now producing a wide range of finishing machines, dyeing machines and continuous washing machines. We are not a very large company and would like to remain a reasonably sized company so that we can serve our customers better with continuous developments and innovations according to their needs. We have a very close relationship with our customers and we believe in providing good service and keeping our customers satisfied worldwide.

How did you venture into the Dyeing technology?

We are a research based company and attribute our success to developing technology to provide needed solutions to our customers.  We started out with producing finishing machinery that the market needed at that time.  Later, we realized that by producing just finishing machines for our customers, we are not meeting their requirements completely.  That’s how we developed and produced dyeing machines with our own extensive R&D efforts. We have the advantage of having a wide customer base in Turkey that is producing the best quality textiles in the world. That is why we had to do something different from our competitors.  While all machines may look similar, the difference lies in meeting the new stringent energy and environment conservation requirements.  With our own R&D efforts, we have developed our patented ECOSALVO dyeing machine with a liquor ratio that is now the lowest in the world that is 1:3 for cotton and 1:2 for polyester. 

Tell us about your continuous washing range and what makes it unique and
useful for your customers?

We at Beneks believe in providing complete solutions to our customers to achieve high efficiency in water, energy and steam consumption. Five years ago we started producing a new continuous washing line under a new company Tachyon. Under this name, we produce a complete range of continuous washing machines for printed fabrics, jet dyed fabrics, digitally printed fabrics and a pre-washing machine for stenters. I shall give you an example of the savings that are possible by adding our continuous washing range to the dyeing process. For a typical complete dyeing process, 70-80 litres/kg of water is consumed.  By using Tachyon Jet dye/fabric washing machine in combination with the HT dyeing machine, the total consumption of water can be reduced to only 30-40 litres/kg resulting in remarkable savings of energy and water.

What is your opinion of the market of Pakistan for Beneks and Tachyon?

We are an international forward-looking group and 60% of our total production is exported to Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Mexico, in the total of 14 countries including Pakistan. We have participated in the last five ITMA exhibitions since 1999. As you know the requirements for participation in the world’s biggest textile machinery exhibition are very strict and they do not allow any copies to be exhibited at this show. Over the decades, we have developed a strong international customer base. That is why even though our domestic market in Turkey is facing difficulties due to political uncertainty, we are not much affected by it.

In Pakistan, we have joined hands with Turktex Chemicals that is owned by Mr Shahzad Khan who has more than 26 years of experience and an excellent reputation in the market. We are very satisfied with our relationship and as in other countries, we support them completely. I am in Pakistan frequently to meet customers and we are planning some special events and seminars to highlight our technology later this year.

I have been visiting Pakistan for a long time and now I can see that the industry is taking seriously investing in replacement of old machines and technology. I think this is the right approach as I have observed in Turkey as well.  This investment is the efficient and eco-friendly technologies are needed to meet the growing international competition. I believe Pakistan will remain a very important player in the world of textiles.


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