Acmatex Corporation and EFI Reggiani partners serving Pakistan’s textile
industry together

Acmatex Corporation (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated by Mr. Yusuf Rehmani in 1966 represents EFI Reggiani’s complete range of printing technology including digital printing machines in Pakistan.

Mr. Michele Riva, Mr. Imtiaz Rehmani and Mr. Andrea Turiano.

In fact, Acmatex was one of the first few agencies to introduce these revolutionary digital printing machines in Pakistan.  

 “Over the decades, Acmatex has grown, evolved, experienced the many ups and downs of the industry, but our one constant has been our long-standing and outstanding relationships such as with EFI Reggiani. Looking into the future, we are excited to continue our tradition of helping our customers to acquire state-of-the-art technology as needed for the growth and progress of our textile industry and our country. I am optimistic that an expansion with the right technology and extensive international marketing, our industry will go further in the long term and look forward to building that future together.

 Digital printing of fabric with EFI Reggiani ReNOIR PRO at Sapphire Textile Mills.

Commenting on the relationship with Sapphire Group Mr. Rehmani mentioned that Acmatex’s association with Sapphire Group goes back decades to the first industrial unit established by Sapphire.  This association continues with the installation of EFI Reggiani’s rotary and digital printing at Sapphire Textile Mills.


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