Sapphire Textiles represents
EFI Reggiani’s success in Pakistan
In the following pages we present to our readers a special report on EFI Reggiani printing machines with a focus on digital printing technology. The report highlights Sapphire Group who are using EFI Reggiani’s digital as well as rotary printing machines and utilising them fully to meet the growing demand of urban consumers in Pakistan and abroad of high quality fashion garments and home textiles.

Kurtis printed on EFI Reggiani digital printing machines on display at new Sapphire mega outlet in Emporium Mall, Lahore.

EFI Reggiani and Sapphire: A success story of value-addition

With 70 years of innovation, research and technological excellence, EFI Reggiani (which includes the Reggiani Macchine, Mezzera, and Jaeggli brands) is a worldwide provider of complete solutions for the textile market, with a focus on the development of sustainable processes. With the high quality and performance of its machines and outstanding service to its customers, today EFI Reggiani is the premiere manufacturer of traditional and digital printing machines.

Mr. Nabeel Abdullah, Director, Sapphire Textile Mills.

EFI Reggiani’s portfolio of integrated systems is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and to simplify textile production across a wide range of industries, including hometextile and interior decor, sports and active wear, fashion, outdoor, automotive and flooring applications. EFI Reggiani’s range of textile printing machines encompasses the wide spectrum from rotary and flatbed to the digital printing.

EFI Reggiani products are based on new eco-chemistry, using water-based inks that, together with advanced and streamlined automation, provide a total solution for textile businesses. The water-based inks help users significantly reducing pollution in textile operations without compromising quality and speed.

EFI Reggiani in Pakistan

Working closely with their representatives in Pakistan, Acmatex, EFI Reggiani has achieved remarkable success in Pakistan as the leading textile printing technology from rotary and flatbed to digital printing. Dominating the traditional rotary printing sector in Pakistan, EFI Reggiani made its advent in the digital printing sector with the first state of the art ReNOIR digital printing machine in 2012 at M.N Textile. 

Since then more than 26 digital printing machines by EFI Reggiani are now installed in Pakistan from Faisalabad to Karachi. The boom in the retail fashion sector of Pakistan is largely due to the success of digital printing technology that allowed shorter runs and exclusive textile designs for the discerning urban populace of Pakistan. The fast developing retail sector of Pakistan with ever increasing shopping malls and outlets shows has allowed leading textile players in Pakistan to enter the domestic market and develop a new and loyal customer base at home. 

Sapphire Textiles

Sapphire Textile is one of the success stories representing EFI Reggiani’s commitment to the development of Pakistan’s textile sector. 

 According to Mr. Nabeel Abdullah, Director Sapphire Textiles, “Our first consideration was the acquisition of rotary printing machine by EFI Reggiani. Digital printing was initially not under consideration. However, when we visited EFI Reggiani in Bergamo, Italy the ReNOIR digital printing machine impressed us very much. Besides EFI Reggiani’s rotary machines, we have four machines by EFI Reggiani installed in our digital printing division. We started off with the 16 head machine and then we bought 32 head machine with 3.2 meters width with the home textiles business. These machines ensure us the high standards of productivity, reliability and quality.”

“The retail sector is much more challenging and a lot more exciting particularly the high quality printed textiles.”

Mr. Azhar Rasool Manager Digital Printing and
Mr. Waqas Bin Inam, GM Processing Sapphire Textile Mills.

“This is the start of digital printing, the results are getting better and prices of inks are getting lower. I feel the digital printing in future will be a replacement for flatbed printing.”

“When we started digital printing a few years ago, we were the second or third company to start digital printing. At that time it was something new. What has happened is that people have seen the returns and a lot of digital printing machines have come to Pakistan in recent years as a result.”

“I think retail is something we have been very passionate about a couple of years. We have always been an export-based company and we were selling to some of the biggest global brands. With our vertical setup, the growing Pakistani economy and the growing middle class, we felt we should also explore the domestic market in Pakistan. Now we have outlets in major urban centers of Pakistan, latest being the one at Emporium Mall in Lahore which is also a flagship outlet of Sapphire.”


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