Navis Tubetex installs Stenter Coating Line in USA

Navis TubeTex announces a new coating line for industrial fabrics, label and art canvas industries running in the USA. The New M&W N-Dura stenter more than doubles the production of the plant.

The M&W N-Dura Coating line is a complete dual coating line with 2 coaters and 2 separate stenters inline to apply and dry/cure both water and solvent based products. The line includes two flexible M&W applicators for dry edge coating, selectively on either or both faces, with high solids coatings.

Navis TubeTex uses full automation with weight/density, tension, and temperature monitoring of the web. Automatic unwinder and winder provide non-stop operation. This coating line is the latest of 3 new coating lines Navis TubeTex has installed in the last 12 months. The highly efficient N-Dura meets and exceeds the quality and production expectations for customers.


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