Swiss Review

Message by Mr. Philippe Crevoisier, The Consul General of Switzerland

It is my great pleasure to be part of this month’s special edition of Pakistan Textile Journal, on Switzerland!

Several big and emerging companies from my country are important and trusted business partners of global clients in the textile industry. And I am happy to notice that many of these Swiss companies are successfully working with their Pakistani clients for the past many years.

Beyond the foregoing, it merits to mention that Switzerland and Pakistan enjoy long-cherished positive bilateral relationship. Over the years this level of cooperation has increased significantly, which is the reason why Switzerland has been among the top five largest investors. In the last decade, Swiss investment in Pakistan has exceeded CHF 1.5 Billion.

At present, 21 Swiss companies are directly present in Pakistan and over 80 are represented by local agents. Many of these firms are working in the textile sector and fields related to it. I heartily report that Swiss-Pak bilateral trade volume during 2016 increased by 15% (total CHF 481.42 Million) thanks mainly to Swiss chemicals and pharmaceuticals exports which rose by 28% and 20% respectively.

Pakistan exported textile goods to Switzerland (although not a member of the European Union) worth CHF 84.47 Million, which is all time high.

With great interest, I would also like to share that the Swiss companies present in the Pakistani market are successfully operating and have long-term plans for further investments. What is very promising is that Swiss SMEs are also exploring avenues to enter the Pakistani market in the areas of agro-foods, renewable energy, and infrastructure.


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