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Saurer Embroidery: Epoca 7 - the innovative embroidery system

Saurer Embroidery is the world market leader in embroidery production systems, with a wealth of experience extending back over many generations coupled with up-to-date knowledge for the textile future. 

Epoca 7 - the innovative embroidery system

Productivity on a new level of high performance

In addition to energy savings of up to 5%, the customers can benefit from a 20% increase in productivity. The Epoca 7 achieves an embroidery speed of up to 700 rpm, and is therefore up to 18% faster than the previous generation. Apart from an increase in production speed, additional functions have been optimised and improved to achieve an overall performance increase of up to 20%.

Embroidery quality and technology for all market requirements

 Innovative solutions lead to unparalleled adjustment options and top quality production at the touch of a button. This is guaranteed by new technologies on the needle side, such as individual thread guide activation, the newly developed thread delivery and the flat yarn path with gentle yarn treatment. The new electronic thread monitors detect yarn breaks more quickly and more precisely. The new precise thread cut ensures trouble-free production of high-quality embroidery.

Saurer Epoca 6 installed at Unicon.

HeadLine System – the unique application solution

The new enhanced Headline System was presented at ITMA Asia for the first time. It is a complete system with different electronically powered application heads for cords, ribbons and various sequins. The HeadLine System captivates through its precision even at top production speeds. Furthermore, it allows the operator to quickly and easily interchange and individually position each application head. The ergonomic lift system provides an optimal view of the embroidery area and gives unobstructed access to the entire embroidery height.


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