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SSM machines: The key to success of Indus Group, Pakistan

Indus Group has been in textile business for more than 50 years. MAKVIZ (SSM agent) have interviewed Mian Shahwaiz Ahmed (one of the owners) and shared the impact the SSM machines on their continued success.

Indus Group started its business in 1955 with one cotton ginning factory and now they are one of the best-established textile groups in ginning, yarn spinning and towel businesses with an annual turnover over of US$70 million. The spinning operation comprises of six spinning mills having 225,000 spindles. A wide variety of yarns is produced in these mills. The spinning mills annually produce approx.. 42,000 tonnes of yarn. In their twisting set up they have 100 TFO machines with a daily production of approx.. 66,543 kg. The main count range is Ne 6/2 to 80/2. So far, Indus Group is working with around 600 spindles of SSM assembly winding machines: CW1-D, TW2-D and the latest TWX-D.

The SSM TWX-D at Indus Group with Mr. Shahid Iqbal and Mr. Farrukh Sharif, Director Makviz.

What made you believe that SSM AG was the best for achieving your desired result?

In 2005 we bought the first machine CW1-D assembly winder from SSM AG. Since it is a drum winder we didn’t get many extra benefits comparing to other options available in the market, however, we found the best after sales service and support from SSM. Later on, we bought some Japanese and Indian assembly winders, which were not as good as the SSM drum winder machines.

In 2014 MAKVIZ came up with the new idea of knot-free packages on same size TFO pot. We bought the first TW2-D precision assembly winder from SSM and surprisingly with the help of the precision winder we got knot free package which helped us to improve the efficiency of our TFO machines and eliminated our major complaint of twist variation due to knots/splices.

Mr. Shahwaiz Ahmed (Director / Owner), Indus Group.

Having this experience we bought seven SSM precision assembly winders (TW2-D / TWX-D) within our group up till now.

How did you find the machine/service of SSM and are you happy with the completed job?

With no second thoughts, SSM manufactures the most eligible machine to perform the desired job and we enjoy the best after sales services from SSM compared to any other supplier in the world.

Mr. Ghulam Murtaza (Technical Director, Karachi)

Would you expand your production with SSM machines and recommend them to a friend?

We are in the process to replace our old winders and SSM precision winders are our first and only choice. We are proud to have the SSM brand in our production facility. We are already recommending SSM precision winders to other textile companies.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal (Technical Director, Hyderabad) and in the white shirt
Mr. Farrukh Sharif (Director Makviz)

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from work with SSM AG?

We are able to achieve approximately 25-30% more weight on the same package dimensions, with the help of SSM precision winders, compared to random wound package. We are running SSM’s new model TWX-D at the highest speed without any yarn breaks, due to proper tension control on all spindles, which helps to gain higher efficiency on the TFO process.

Mr. G. Murtaza with SSM TW2-D installed at Indus Group.

Mission statement of Indus group

We aim to provide superior products, financial security, high performance and quality services that fully meet the needs of our customers and maintain the financial strength of our company. We invite our valued Clients to come and see us how beautifully we are doing all this.


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