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Loepfe cares about fabric appearance since 1955

Uince 1955 from Switzerland, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. with its optical yarn clearers has revolutionized quality control in the textile industry. Loepfe is considered world-wide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. About 50% of the world-wide yarn production are monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers.

Fabric appearance

The fabric appearance is the ultimate reference if all the production processes before were under control, it decides in the end if the yarn performance will meet the requirements of the fabric in regard of production and of the anticipated look and feel.

But how is a good fabric appearance defined? The general expectation for a good fabric appearance is based on various factors, such as an even fabric surface, no disturbing faults like thin and thick places, and homogeneous level of hairiness according to the end-use of the fabric, the absence of any kind of foreign matter as well as an uniform color and shade of the fabric. All these parameters are captured instantly and evaluated visually by the human eye.

Loepfe ZENIT+ offers various possibilities to focus on yarn parameters that are important
for the desired fabric appearance.

Perfect fabric

One of the decisive factors for a perfect fabric appearance is the quality of the yarn which is used for its production. Loepfe yarn clearers trust on the optical measuring principle for more than 60 years. The latest Loepfe ZENIT+ offers various possibilities to focus on yarn parameters that are important for the desired fabric appearance.

Online laboratory

With Loepfe’s well known LabPack online laboratory function, the customer can detect all parameters affecting the fabric appearance with 100% reliability: off standard bobbins can be eliminated with settings for hairiness, yarn irregularities, neppiness, diameter variation VCV, and IPI alarm functions.

Shade variation.

On top of these well-established functions of ZENIT+, Loepfe offers now the brand new Off-Color detection to secure your fabric appearance even more. This latest innovation detects absolutely dependable colour and shade variations which e.g. can be caused by the insufficient blending of the raw material. Shade variations can lead to disturbing stripes in the finished fabric. lf only one cone in a weaving or knitting system shows a deviating colour or shade, the whole fabric is ruined and cannot even be graded as second quality anymore. This can end in costly claims for the spinning mill.

Another milestone by Loepfe is the proven Foreign Matter detection system, for detecting even the finest Foreign Matter remains from the finest to the coarsest yarn counts. Also, Foreign Matter in dyed yarns can be detected unfailingly.

Perfect fabric.

Ideal measuring principle

Optical yarn clearing is and remains the ideal measuring principle because the quality of finished fabrics is always assessed by the human eye. Loepfe ZENIT+ follows the textile quality control by the parameters of the human eye.


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