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Gul Ahmed decided once again for Benninger: Quality products
from quality machines

Gul Ahmed began its business in the early 1900’s and is now playing a vital role in the world of textiles. It is a composite unit – making everything from cotton yarn to finished products. Gul Ahmed has a huge range of textile machinery – from spindles and weaving machines to the whole range of finishing machines.

Believing in quality Gul Ahmed has already chosen Benninger in 2009 for the first time and acquired an original Benninger-Küsters DyePad for their dyeing department.

Now again the traditional Swiss textile machinery manufacturer Benninger recently provided a high quality mercerizing machine DIMENSA to Gul Ahmed. The reason for choosing Benninger was primarily the technological advantages such as improved dimensional stability, higher dye yield, better solidity and appearance of dyed fabric and high lustre.

By using Benninger’s DIMENSA they could increase both - their productivity and quality. According to Gul Ahmed, they now benefit from even dyeing results which in turn leads to even fabric appearance and exact identical color depths not only over the width but also in length direction of the batch. Thanks to the unmatched fabric control and the possibility to apply maximum tension onto the fabric the lustre and hand of the fabric are significantly improved.

from left to right: Mr. Salahuddin (Gul Ahmed), Mr. Muhammad Bashir (Gul Ahmed),
Mr Plankenhorn (Benninger), Mr Zaki Bashir (Gul Ahmed), Mr. Yousuf Agha (Gul Ahmed),
Mr. Imtiaz Rehmani (Acmatex)

Sustainable production is always at the heart of Gul Ahmed and they strive their best to reduce energy and water consumption throughout the entire production process. They have already set up a wastewater treatment plant to treat 100% of its effluent, bringing it to NEQS levels. With their new DIMENSA mercerizing range they acquired a heat exchanger, which enables a possible heat recovery up to 50% and therefore reduces energy consumption accordingly.

Gul Ahmed is using Benninger machines primarily for producing sheeting fabrics for major clients all over the world.

The name Gul Ahmed is globally synonymous with quality, innovation & reliability and so is the name of Benninger. It is a common objective for both companies to continue enhancing the success of their customers by increasing the technological lead and keeping the quality standard at the highest level.


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