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Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Company

Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. is considered as one of the key enterprises from China active in spinning machines. MB Textile Corporation is one of the leading importers, indentors, and stockist of spinning, weaving, embroidery machinery and parts are the exclusive representative in Pakistan for sale of twisting machinery and rotor spinning technology (conventional and compact) from Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Company.

Two-for-one Twisters

Short fiber Two-for-one twister series

RF 321 Short Fiber Two-for-one Twister series machines offer to process of a wide range of materials. The company reports short fiber two-for-one twister sales at 3,000,000 spindles, that means almost 65% of domestic market share. The main advantages RIFA high-quality spindle include power saving design, lower noise, small run-out and high speed running up to 13500 RPM.

The advantages of big gear box include:

  • Good weight bearing and stable running.
  • High curling speed.
  • Oil bathing inside wholly sealed gear box.
  • Special yarn guide curve to get good package shape.

TF 10 Two-for-one twister series

TF 10 Two-for-one twister by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co. Ltd, meets customer’s requirement of the single spindle and large package yarn.

Other advantages include:

 The wide application range of processing materials for various kinds of coarse yarn such as polymer, polyamide, blended yarn with wool and cotton, glass fiber, etc.

Automation control optimizes the electrical control system and also control the spindles, winding, and yarn guiding mechanism with high-accuracy.

The operator can set and monitor the main technical parameters such as spindle speed and twist on the panel. Therefore, the user can achieve the changing of winding and twist by PLC feedback closed loop control.

RS30 rotor spinning machine

The RS 30 rotor spinning machine reports 100,000 RPM of rotor speed, whereas, the yarn guiding reaches 170m/m with increased production capacity.

This machine is available in 352 spin boxes and it is very easy to operate and also offers easy replacement of spin boxes.

The manufacturer also reports 5 to 10% lower energy consumption, as compared to similar machines for power per ton yarn. The options include Waxing device, Keep tail device, Yarn Clearer, and Overhead Blowers.

It is quite easy to disassemble and install the rotor, opening roller, withdraw nozzles and other key parts without any tools. The semi-automatic piecing device is used to prepare the yarn before piecing.

RFCS compact spinning machine

RFCS compact spinning system is ideal for the production of the quality yarn with high strength, low hairiness, and high evenness. The RFCS can be added and retrofitted at any conventional ring spinning machine.

In order to meet the requirement of yarn with low hairiness and high strength, the compact spinning device (with independent intellectual property rights) has superior maneuverability, flexibility, and economy. Its unique technical strength lies in the porous endless belt, running actively from transition gear to the front roller with smooth running, as well as constant and accurate speed.

The transition gear is made of abrasion-resistant materials to realize silent running and the single-spindle porous endless belt is tensioned automatically by the spring to guarantee stable operation.

Furthermore, the system offers high-pressure air blower with independent and changeable frequency conversion controls and with special design of flue and blast pipe, which guarantees the negative pressure in the tail stock.

The special dust-proof design reduces maintenance and six or four integrated modular design can be assembled with out tools, thereby reducing down time.The modular design of compact spinning machine makes it more accessible for easy maintenance. The machine is suitable for spinning yarns with different fibers and different thickness.

The compact spinning machine has a reliable servo control system. The system also offers draft drive system with high added value yarns, for example spinning fancy yarns, or slub yarns, etc.

According to Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Company, High-quality yarns are possible due to quality drafting system, high-speed spindle and high-speed rings and travelers which are essential for compact spinning technology.


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