Spinning Review

Nanjing Lingdong Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. offers vertical automatic doffing machine

Nanjing Lingdong Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. is the textile machinery and equipment manufacturing company located in Nanjing National Hi-Tech Development Zone.

The intelligent management and the automatic vertical doffing machine by Nanjing Lingdong Textile Equipment Co., Ltd. have won the four national invention patents.

In this context, the spinning machine is not changed and vertical doffing of the spinning machine including automatic intubation and automatic return functions can be completed easily. The additional benefits include improved production, reduced costs and fewer number of workers.

There are one-time intubation and automatic doffing of 420 Spindles in three minutes. With a yarn pulling rate of 98% the breakage rate of intubation is far less than manual doffing.

This is a portable machine that can be used on any spinning system. With two lithium batteries and recycling. (A charge can be used for about one day). It is a high energy efficient unit,  suitable for the yarn from low yarn to yarn series varieties. This robot is suitable for cotton spinning, chemical fiber, wool spinning, ring frame spinning machine,  spinning yarn twisting and winding machines. Asghar Trading Company, the local agents in Pakistan can be contacted for this kind of automatic doffing machine.


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