Spinning Review

Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning mills

Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements. Today, Loepfe is considered world-wide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. Fifty percent of the world-wide yarn production are monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers. 

The Loepfe optoelectronic yarn clearers have made history. The measuring principle comes closest to the assessment by the human eye. A technological top performance at speeds of two thousand meters per minute.

The quality of Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearers is unique. They ensure reliability and top efficiency in online classification of faults. The universally usable sensors detect smallest faults and achieve reliable results under all production conditions. One sensing head is sufficient for covering a large yarn count range.

All these data are sent to MillMaster TOP. The systematic evaluation shows the reliable path to process optimization. The control ensures the quality of the end product and thus the success of the manufacturer.


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