Spinning Review

Standard Engineering & Five Star Enterprises:
Highlights spinning machinery spare parts

Standard Engineering Works (Pvt.) Limited (SEW) and Five Star Enterprises organized a presentation and dinner in Karachi for the textile industry professionals to highlight spinning machinery spare parts.

Haji Shaukat Hussain.

Mr. Farooq Ahmed.

Haji Shaukat Hussain spoke about the history and the latest developments in the spinning industry of Pakistan. He paid tribute to his late son, Mr. Ishtiaq Hussain for his outstanding efforts and dedication to make Five Star Enterprises successful a entity in Sindh-Balochistan region.

He said, “Standard Engineering  is the manufacturing unit working for the textile and auto parts since more than sixty years, with continued investments in the modern machinery, advanced technologies, and qualified experienced skills with ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality.”

He shared that in early 50’s and 60’s the spinning machines were manual and in 1970’s the concept of Schlafhorst Autoconer was introduced in the spinning industry of Pakistan. There were ten spindles and one spacer in it. At that time, the drafting arm concept was not revealed. For the suction process, a big fan was installed in the basement for thirty machines. At that time the productivity of six ounces was a milestone for us and the maximum staple length was 0.8. But today, due to the latest developments and technology very large-scale production is possible, which was unexpected in our time.

SEW products are manufactured from the highest quality material according to the composition of the end user, and they are thoroughly examined to assure its reliability and accuracy.

Mr. Farooq Ahmed spoke about latest OEM developments by Five Star Enterprises / SEW and briefed about the high-quality spare parts showcased at the event.


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