Textile Briefs National

1. A 21-member delegation of Chinese companies has shown keen interest to enhance business collaborations in textile sector with Pakistani counterparts. The delegation was representing textiles, garments, clothing and apparel and chemicals sector companies.

2. All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Chairman Aamir Fayyaz has welcomed the Rs 180 billion package announced by the prime minister to boost exports. He appreciated the measures to support declining exports, including tax-free import of cotton and man-made fibre, duty drawback on exports, including 4% on greige fabric, 5% on processed fabric, 6% on home textile made-up, and 7% on garments.

3. Pakistan’s total exports to the US in the fiscal year 2016 stood at $3.5 billion out of which 83% were textile exports ($2.9 billion). The country’s textile exports to the US make up 23% of the total annual textile exports. In case the dollar weakens, it will result in appreciation of the Pakistan rupee, making Pakistani textile products expensive for American buyers.

4. Leading textile bodies constituted the Punjab Textile Forum to fight against the gas price differential in Punjab and Sindh and arrest falling exports and have also urged the government to announce a textile relief package to restore the competitiveness of the export sector.

5. The total land area of cotton cultivation reduced by 22% in Pakistan over the last 10 years and this major reduction in cotton area is only contributed by Punjab province, which has reduced its area under cotton by 26% over the same period. The increase in a number of sugar mills has been cited as the cause of this reduction of cultivation area of cotton.

6. Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) has urged the government to grant a relief and bailout package to cotton growers and convince them to bring the maximum area under cotton crop to make Pakistan self-sufficient in cotton and to save more than Rs 30 billion to Rs. 40 billion being spent on the import of 3.0 million cotton bales.

7. The Textile Secretary, Hasan Iqbal, during a visit to the Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association (PHMA) House said that the government aims to arrest the declining trend in textile exports and address the problems faced by the exporters as a priority. The is serious about the settlement of all kinds of claims of the exporters to greatly reduce their burden.

8. The Pakistan Apparel Forum (PAF) has urged the government to withdraw customs duty, sales tax and regulatory duty on the import of cotton yarn up to 32 single coarse counts, a major raw material of value-added apparel sector. Due to a shortage of yarn in the country, PAF has requested the government to do the same in the case of cotton yarn.


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