Special Report

Social contribution by Archroma Pakistan Limited

Free water supply

Archroma Pakistan installed a clean water supply line at Jamshoro plant with which they provide water to neighboring community – approximately 540,000 liters per day costing Rs. 2.7 Mio per annum to the company. Clean drinking water is also provided to the inhabitants of Chakar Khan village near Jamshoro from Archroma water filtration plant.


Archroma’s ideology leads to empower youth through educational and training programs. Since decades, Archroma Center of Excellence is passing on the torch of learning to the next generation. To date, Archroma has trained 163 batches comprising of 4978 students to gain hands on practical experience in business environment.

At the Training Center, tailor-made training is provided to students, who wish to make a career in textile chemistry. Archroma partners with leading academic, technical and professional institutions to provide hands on experience in respective disciplines.

In addition, regular internships are offered to students from different academic institutions and industry which enable them to learn basics of work environment in their respective fields. Archroma also participates in the Government’s apprenticeship scheme. During the period under review, company incurred Rs. 7.7 mio for complimentary training of students and technicians.

Entrepreneurship is developed for new entrants and small enterprises in textile dyeing and printing business. They provide them with tool kits and give training on color match, print chemistry, basics of marketing to maximize their profitable growth.


Towards environment protection, Archroma follow the international parameters set by REACH, carbon emissions, quality management and safety guidelines.

Both Jamshoro and Landhi sites have open spaces which boast of high quality cultivation of wheat, vegetables and fruits. Archroma’s open green lands are also a source of generating oxygen to the air.

In the vicinity of all its offices and sites, they have planted hundreds of trees. Therefore Archroma is giving utmost priority to protecting environment and saving resources through recycling and reuse.

Employee volunteerism

Employee volunteerism is encouraged through organizing blood donation campaigns to support various medical centers. Archroma Pakistan also donated amount worth Rs. one Million to different social, medical and educational institutions.


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