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Awards, accreditations and social contributions by Archroma

The glorious splendor of the sky lights, bouncing on to the Bahawalpur cotton fields - illuminating the gunny jute sack brimming with pristine snow white cotton balls. Finest quality of cotton produce add value to our world class textiles.

Archroma receives Eco-Innovation Award for sustainability initiatives from WWF Pakistan

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, received the Award for Eco-innovation from WWF Pakistan at the organization’s Annual Green Office Network Meeting in Karachi.

The Eco-innovation Award is a recognition of Archroma’s continuous efforts to foster sustainable innovations aimed at preserving dwindling ground water reserves, and developing eco-efficient processes that reduce energy, process time and resource consumption.

The Award was presented by Naeem Mughal, Director General, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency, Government of Pakistan.

Earlier this year, the WWF granted Green Office labeling rights to Archroma’s offices in Landhi, Pakistan.

Iffat Zahra and Arshad Mehmood, Archroma, receiving the WWF Pakistan Eco-Innovation Award from Naeem Mughal, Director General, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency,
Government of Pakistan.

Mujtaba Rahim, CEO of Archroma Pakistan, said, “We are continuously creating powerful new processes and products that support our and our customers’ sustainability ambitions. Our innovative teams are raising the bar on environmental standards and production cycles in our industries. For instance, our EarthColors sulfur dyes are developed from natural waste such as walnut and almond husks and agricultural crop waste, replacing the oil-based raw materials to create warm shades of brown on cotton fabrics. Our “Sustainable Effluent Treatment” plant at Jamshoro, Pakistan, operates at zero liquid discharge in our production processes saving enormous amounts of water.”

Top 25 Best Performing Companies' Award

Archroma Pakistan Limited has kept up with its tradition of being among the top performers at the Pakistan Stock Exchange. For the 14th consecutive year, from 2001-2014, the honor of being amongst 25 Best Performing Companies was won once again by Archroma. The Award was presented by Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif at a highly attended ceremony in September 2016.

The Award is validated well planned corporate business strategy of Archroma management at all levels specially focusing on prudence, proactive approach and foresight to meet challenges.

MAP's Corporate Excellence Award

Archroma Pakistan Limited was awarded Corporate Excellence Certificate in "Chemical" category for the fifth time in a row by Management Association of Pakistan at its 31st Award ceremony In February 2016. MAP annually organizes Corporate Excellence Awards to recognize the outstanding management practices of its members and honor the best managed companies that follow set of stringent guidelines and principles through a well-defined extensive and transparent process.

Archroma Pakistan to provide technical expertise to women entrepreneurs

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Archroma Pakistan and Ethical Affair at Karachi in December 2016. Ethical Affair is a knowledge based platform striving to provide training, skills development and technical assistance to women entrepreneurs in the textile industry. Under this cooperation, Archroma will provide technical assistance and practical training to women business in the textile sector. Basic lab testing knowledge will improve their respective textile product lines. The information about quality management certifications and other requirements related to import and export will also be shared.

CSR Award

Once again CSR Award on Bio-diversity and Conservation was won by Archroma Pakistan organized by National Forum for Health & Environment in January 2017 at Islamabad. It is recognition of Archroma's effort In bringing Indigo back to its roots, water conservation though the Sustainable Effluent Treatment Plant at Jamshoro and Effluent Waste Water Treatment Plant at Landhi. A number of measures to improve environment by planting trees, growing organic vegetables are also being taken. The award helps to underscore the company’s focused commitment on corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Global Award on Safety, Health and Environment

Archroma Pakistan completed one Million Accident Free Safe Working Hours at their Jamshoro site in May 2016. Archroma Award on Safety, Health and Environment was therefore won by the Pakistan team at the global Archroma meeting at Barcelona, Spain in September 2016.

Archroma becomes signatory to Global Compact initiative

In December 2016, Archroma signed the Global Compact initiative rolled out by the United Nations for businesses around the globe. Through this Initiative, Archroma Pakistan join hands with Employers Federation of Pakistan and will further strengthen its commitment on four principles of Global Compact i.e. Human Rights, Environment, Labor rights and Anti-Corruption. There are many initiatives underway and some more projects are being channelized to bring Archroma at Global Compact Network forefront.

HR Excellence Award

The EFP granted the award in recognition of Archroma’s best practices in human resource management, industrial relations in maintaining excellent relations with workers’ unions, providing employees with their legal rights as per applicable laws and regulations, observing labor standards, and encouraging workers’ participation in management.

Archroma always strives to maintain the highest standards in occupational health and safety, to ensure the work environments are safe and congenial at all it sites. The award helps to underscore the company’s focused commitment on corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Green Office Certification

Archroma Landhi site was certified as Green Office by WWF Pakistan in January 2016 after going through an extensive audit process. Under this Initiative, Archroma Pakistan has achieved measurable good performance in reducing solid waste, paper wastage and its re-use and reduction in consuming utilities - electricity, water and fuel. The certification boards Archroma to enhance best practices in saving environment degradation.

Fire and Safety Award

At Archroma, "Safety comes First". The twelve Life Saving Rules form integral part of Archroma Safety culture. Simultaneously a number safety measures form continuous processes to eradicate any point of doubt. Fire Fighting exercises and demos coupled with Safety rules are done at periodic Intervals. It is due Archroma extensive safety management guidelines that no untoward incident happened. National Forum of Health and Safety presented Archroma Fire and Safety Award in April 2016.


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