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Archroma making the industry sustainable
In the following pages we present to our readers a special report on Archroma Pakistan Ltd. with a focus on sustainability. The report highlights impact of sustainability on the textile industry and Archroma’s role in making the industry sustainable.

Mr. Mujtaba Rahim, CEO, Archroma Pakistan Limited

The mysterious green forests of Dir form an enchanting circle of magical beauty and wonder against the azure blue sky and filtering sunlight. Abundant natural resource of wood - keep them safe for future generations.

Sustainability is the talk of town these days, how is it denoted in Archroma?

We see sustainability in a holistic way. Archroma philosophy is embedded in our "WHY" striving each one of us to think proactively and challenge the status quo with deep belief that we can make the industry sustainable both economically and environmentally. Archroma today is the sustainability leader in the textile industry. Our strong value proposition enables to generate superior products by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to brand and performance oriented customers worldwide.

How does sustainability impact the industry and what role Archroma is playing to make the industry sustainable?

Your question is two pronged. I will try to give a consolidated answer. Sustainability is influencing the textile industry from different angles:

Societal sustainability, mainly addressing occupational health and chemical materials management related to supply chain in the workplace within the textile industry.

Economic sustainability, helping out customers to reduce their cost of production through efficient product usage and technical audits of processes at their shop floors. Archroma provides such assistance in view of our vast experience and high tech expertise. We are acting as a bridge for our customers, for example, connecting them with retailers to get more business.

In other words, we are acting as the marketing arm of our customers. We are also creating value for customers with joint R&D projects.

Environmental sustainability, is an area which is under direct watch by the print and electronic media bringing out their connotations from time to time.  An entire set of new provisions have been added challenging the producers for compliance for example Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), Resource saving mainly water, bio-elimination BOD / COD, Carbon footprint, Oeko-tex, REACH, etc. We, at Archroma, are successfully complying with all legal and ethical requirements. Economic considerations do not take precedence over environment protection measures within the entire Archroma world.

Let me give you an apt example of our One Way Tool which is a state-of-the-art systematic methodology developed by Archroma for creating enhanced sustainability in the textile industry. By implementing this innovative tool, shop floor processes can be enhanced reducing time and costs.

What major challenges do you foresee in the near future?

The textile industry is highly result oriented industry and generates employment from lower to higher strata of the society. Each passing day adds innovative techniques to the processes and products. Hence the market players have to remain cognizant of the changes around the clock. Due to the huge size of the textile industry and the bulk of materials and machinery involved, we are witnessing increasing focus of legislators, print & electronic media and more recently social media trying to act as whistle blowers from time to time. For example, environmental and socio-economic issues give rise to criticism from various quarters. Whilst brand owners are ensuring compliance and due diligence at their level, it could pose multifarious problems. 

Butter Soft: Ultrasoft green chemistry for high elasticity & durability.

Innovations play an important role in market dynamics, how does Archroma touch its vast customer base?

Archroma turned three on October 1, 2016. Although a young entity, it has accomplished a great deal and has big plans for future. We are leaders in driving sustainability in the value chain. We intend to make use of innovations we have developed and continue to develop for use across our markets.

For example sustainability in denim dyeing systems is enhanced under the brand “Advanced Denim”. This technology uses dyestuffs that bond more easily to cotton, minimizing the resource usage of traditional dyeing of denim resulting in lesser usage of water, energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

We reached another milestone with the launch a new range of “biosynthetic” dyes for cotton and cellulose-based fabrics named “EarthColors” designed to provide rich red, brown and green colors to denim and casualwear. Archroma makes use of almond shells, saw palmetto, rosemary leaves, and other natural non-edible agricultural waste products that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Archroma introduced a new water repellency agent for outdoor clothing in cotton and synthetic fibers “Smartrepel® Hydro” range based on non-fluorine chemistry. It supports increasing adoption of eco-advanced materials and production processes by textile producers and brand owners.

Yet another innovation is the introduction of a unique cotton poplin color library with over 4300 colors in 6 volumes available new color shades Color Atlas. Archroma Color Management helps to achieve accurate colors with this unique software tools and support systems.

Our Inkpresso® system has greatly optimized quality of textile digital printing. Inkpresso, is a pioneering system we believes will mark a turnaround in the textile digital printing market. It will change the way inks are supplied to digital printers. The system brings together benefits that were unattainable so far in inkjet printing: Production flexibility, no shelf-life problems, a larger color spectrum and the possibility of an individual coloristic fingerprint. The colors can be mixed to meet manufacturers’ specific needs – at any time.

We have witnessed a buoyant performance of Archroma Pakistan since its inception in 2013. What are the motivational drivers in your organization?

You are right. We are blessed with a self-motivated and dynamic team of which we are rightly proud of. Archroma has a set of principles which stand as solid pillars forming the basis of our organizational culture. I believe that due to our unified cultural norms, a winning mindset prevails at all levels in our team. Every team player wants to go an extra mile to achieve more for Archroma.

Another important aspect of internal motivation is the emphasis which Archroma lays on safety, health and environment. Employees are confident that their work environment is safe and sound. Just to give you an example, our Jamshoro site completed 1 Million hours of Safe Work in May 2016 and our Landhi site to follow suit.

Archroma team has also a big reservoir of success stories. A number of corporate sector awards were conferred on us in view of our organizational performance.

Special class of the liquid Sulphur dyes to have the
grey cast in denim washing.

What initiatives have been taken by Archroma towards corporate social responsibility?

Pakistan is brimming with youth population of which different sources quote different percentages. Regardless of the same, if youth is provided with right training and career path, it will do wonders for the country's productivity. Archroma Center of Excellence has to date trained around 5000 young persons at our state-of-the-art Scientific Center. This internship program is most sought program amongst students of Chemistry. We want to take this initiative one step ahead by also creating a platform to train the entrepreneurs specially females.

Archroma has now embarked upon building strong academic linkages with educational institutions. It enables both sides to liaise in empowering students. We provide industry based knowledge to students who in turn carry out developmental assignments for example  on their final year thesis. We collaborate with Mehran University - Jamshoro, Textile Institute of Pakistan - Karachi, NED University of Engineering & Technology - Karachi, National Textile University - Faisalabad and University of Engineering & Technology - Lahore.

Another CSR initiative is to improve on neighborhood of our production sites and offices. We are playing an active role in landscape improvement of our adjoining areas. Community development is now our focus of attention. Our employees voluntarily participate in the blood donation campaigns held at our sites. To share our bit, a systematic  approach is available to donate to hospitals in Karachi.

Our Jamshoro site provides safe drinking water to the neighboring villages absolutely free of cost. In the aftermath of 2010 floods, Archroma financed a water supply station for the people of Chakar Khan adjoining village.

We are endeavoring to pay back our share to the society with a number of more welfare projects in hand.


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