Tonello celebrates 35th Anniversary in 2016

Founded in 1981, Tonello dramatically changed the garment finishing landscape by becoming the first company dedicated to research and innovation. Now the iconic brand has celebrated its 35th anniversary and launched a video, narrating the story of denim’s evolution from the stone-wash revolution of the early 80s, to a future made up of sustainability. And, alongside of that, the video shows also the growth of Tonello company throughout the years, from the first dyeing machine built by Osvaldo Tonello in 1975, to the launch of the Creative Area in 2017.

In 1981, the global leader of garment finishing technologies was born. The year 2016 marks 35 years of Tonello, which strove to make sustainability in the industry popular and introduced us to technologies like Laser, Batik and the NoStone®.

Among the technologies used for the collection they have following innovations

ECOfree, a washing system that combines the advantages of traditional ozone technology, with considerable savings in terms of water, energy and chemicals, ensuring healthier garments and a safer workplace. Finalist technology at ITMA 2014 Future Materials Awards.

Laser Blaze, the laser finishing to the nth degree. Tonello recently launched the world’s first Laser Design Shop, an ample library of images from simple to complex, that can be used with any machine.

UP, a patented technology applicable to all existing Tonello machines that reduces the liquor ratio to unparalleled levels, saving water and energy and making water filling and draining faster.

NoStone®, a new system developed in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. to overcome the economic, mechanical and environmental limitations of existing stone-wash processes. The NoStone® system eliminates the use of pumice stone, replacing it with a stainless-steel abrasive drum, fastened to the washing machine. Winner technology at the recent ITMA Sustainable Innovation Awards.

Core, a technology that can be applied to Tonello washing and dyeing machines of various sizes, capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects and to apply a broad range of performance products (e.g. softeners, anti-stain products, essences, enzymes).

Bringing out all the technical potential of a fabric and giving it added value requires machines and technologies that are capable of conveying emotions. And capable of optimizing the performance of each individual garment. In other words, what is needed is truly innovative technology: Core.

More than 12 years ago, Tonello launched onto the market the Batik effects. At that time it was still a rudimentary system to create vintage effects on garments, in a semi-automated way. Many years have passed and many tests and improvements have been done. According to Tonello, it is now time to present Core, that is not the best version of Batik. It is even more: a new, fundamental step towards the future of finishing. Actually, an innovative technology that works like magic.

Core is a new technology that can be applied to Tonello washing and dyeing machines of various sizes. It is capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects that go beyond fleeting fashions to bring out the full potential of the garment. It also lets you apply a broad range of products which it remarkably lowers the consumption.

Core also drastically reduces water use: for the first time, it makes it possible to create special dyes with extremely low environmental impact, with a 1:1 liquor ratio. The process is rapid, completely automatic and programmable. It ensures top performance and is applied inside the machine, requiring no special preparation or tying. Core is fully interfaced with the machine and can be implemented in any production cycle without interrupting the process.


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