Laser PRO by Jeanologia

The Spanish company Jeanologia is one of the world leaders in the development of sustainable solutions for the finishing of jeans.

Its new generation of laser machine allows precise control of production and costs in time real and enables work on all the fits of the market from very small sizes up to very large sizes, reduces handling and transition times.    

Jeanologia launched the Laser Pro, which increases the speed of the laser upto 30% and the production capacity of Jeans at ITMA ASIA 2016.

The Spanish company, leader in the development of integral and sustainable solutions for the finishing of denim, presented its new generation of laser that allows the automation processes and the reduction of costs of manufacturing.    

Jeanologia is committed to the technological transformation of China to remain the first world power in the production of jeans. Efficiency, innovation, speed and ecology are the four pillars on which this technological leap must be based if it wants to avoid relocation to countries, where labor is cheaper. 

Jeanologia PRO technology enables  to increase the productive capacity of the Jean industry and optimization of costs. It multiplies the possibilities of design and creativity and allows precise control of real-time production of machines and the reduction of water consumption, energy and chemicals.


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