High-speed multibar jacquard warp knitting machine
by Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery Company.

Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Fuzhou is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of high-speed multibar Raschel warp knitting machinery. Founded in 2004 by Mr Zheng Yi Fu, chairman Fujian Xin Gang Textile Co. Ltd.), Xin Gang has a modern state-of-art plant and advanced processing equipment, which enables this company to be successful in the competitive market.

Since its establishment in 2004, the company fosters independent research and development for innovation. In the last 10 years, the company has introduced 80 models and achieved 66 national patents.

Mr Zheng Chuan Hua (General Manager of Xin Gang textile Machinery) spoke about the launch of the new models XGHF4/1 width 270 inches, thereby offering the flexibility from 18E/24E launched during 2016 March.

The XGHF14/1 according high-speed multibar jacquard warp knitting machine. According to Mr Zeng, this warp knitting machine can available to our German competitor, which in this opinion, makes this Chinese machine as one of world's fastest multi-bar warp knitting machine among all multibar warp knitting machine manufacturers.

The new model, developed by Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery company features a new carbon fibre material to ensure machine stability and high efficiency at room temperature.

The machine can be divided into two parts for production, depending on the customer requirements. For example,  if the customer wants to produce on the single machine or two machines, thus making two different designs, different yarns and CPC at the same time.

The XGHF103/1/40 was presented at ITMA ASIA 2016 in Shanghai and accoding Mr. Zheng Chuan Hua, it is the widest warp knitting machine in this series avaiable in the world. What makes XGHF103/1/40 unique in the international market is excellent machine stability, high efficiency, good quality production (about 9 tons / month) and ofcourse the better price and performance ratio, when comparing to other European manufacturers.

Since Xin Gang Textile machinery established business philosophy: Choose own way to independent research and development and manufacturing, which is the biggest difference when compared to other Chinese manufacturers.

Fujian Xin Gang Textile pays more attention to research & development and is open to new and creative ideas presented by its R&D team.

While talking with Mr Kevin Zhen about the new developments, he explained that a highly skilled technical team is continuously working to test existing machines and add new features to its latest models. Thats what he aims to give the textile warp knitting industry customers a flexibility to produce according to their needs.

The department of Design works closely with R&D department in order to gain valuable understanding of international customers needs and keep abreast of the new fashion trends. The R&D department is already co-operating with many Research Institutes, and thus designing machining to the assembly of multi-level, Mr. Tanvir Abbas, electrical Engineer from Pakistan is the another addition of course R&D team.

Wang Tiankai (Chairman of the International Textile Manufacturers Association / President China textile industry) visited Xin Gang booth in ITMA ASIA 2016 in Shanghai.
(Standing 3rd from left side).

While talking about the XGHF103/1/40, Mr. Abbas explained that this machine offers Mr warp knitted fabrics and therefore, the machinery manufacturer Xin Gang is not less than in terms of quality of machines manufactured elsewhere in the world. We try to deliver the best to our customers. The modern and latest automation controls make the XGHF4/1 an efficient high production option for warp knitting customers. I can proudly say Xin Gang is trend setter in warp knitting industry.

Mr Liu who is responsible for after sales Support said that we are supporting our customers 24 hours a day around the world and we have received positive feedback regarding our help line and maintenance support network.

Looking at past 13 years progress we can say Xin Gang Textile Machinery co., Ltd has a bright future, and to be the right choice for warp knitting fabric manufacturers worldwide.


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