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July 16, 2018
Denim Dyeing Printing Finishing IGATEX 2018

Denim success for Monforts

Monforts is currently enjoying solid success within the denim sector, which is now dominated by manufacturers here in Pakistan and the surrounding countries.

The major manufacturers have been very successful in supplying their products to the key markets, which remain Europe and the USA, and heightened sustainable credentials are becoming increasingly important.

Specifically for denim manufacturers, the Monforts Eco Denim concept combines the company’s Eco Applicator with the Thermex Thermo Stretch unit for the stretching and skewing of denim fabric under steam, with a much gentler treatment than was previously achievable. This results in both higher productivity and again, lower energy consumption.

Further efficiencies stem from the integration of the self-cleaning Eco Booster HRC which is now fully integrated into the latest chamber design on Montex stenter dryers. This module is equipped with an electric drive for computer-controlled optimisation of the heat exchanger’s performance to the prevailing exhaust air streams – something that is not possible with purely static heat exchanger modules.

High quality and differentiation through advanced finishing techniques are essential to success in the highly-competitive denim market.

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