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July 16, 2018
IGATEX 2018 Technology

Trützschler TD 9T: TWIN breaker draw frame for increased efficiency and space saving

The TWIN breaker Draw Frame TD 9T is also available as single TD 9 version. Thus it is possible to implement each even and uneven number of drawing heads.

For the first time in short staple spinning, it also features a new can format: JUMBO CANS with 1,200 mm diameter, to reduce the number of can transports and significantly improve the efficiency of the downstream machines.

The Trützschler TWIN draw frame offers an approx. 15% increase in overall efficiency as compared to double head draw frames. Due to its intelligent concept the TWIN version is compact and requires little space.

T-BLEND: Increased precision and double the production

The new Modular Tuft Blending System T-BLEND combines maximum precision and high production. This Trützschler development also relies on accurate weighing instead of volumetric measurement methods. Based on a series of measures it was possible to double the performance per weigh pan.

JUMBO CANS offers increased economic efficiency and quality improvement

The new JUMBO CANS with 1,200 mm diameter hold 43% more sliver than regular cans with 1,000 mm diameter. This means an improvement in economic efficiency due to less can transports. In addition, the efficiency of the downstream machine is considerably increased due to longer runtimes in the creel. The quality is improved by a reduction in sliver piecings. Depending on the size of the spinning mills, this equals several hundred thousand piecings per year.

T-MOVE: Space saving and increased efficiency

The new can filling station saves space. The moving head allows can change at high delivery speeds. This improves card efficiency. The service life of the cans increases because they do not have to be moved. Naturally, T-MOVE is designed for the new JUMBO CANS.

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