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July 16, 2018
Digital Printing

Aleph targets Pakistani digital printing market

Since 1999 in the heart of the Italian textile manufacturing excellence (COMO), Aleph is a company with a solid know-how in the construction of digital printing machine and in the development of supporting software. From large format textile printers to drying systems, from proprietary software to consumables, Aleph develops and manufactures technologically advanced products for each individual printing process, and offers reliable after-sales technical support services. After selling over 400 units in Italy alone, Aleph now distributes in UK, India, Pakistan and Turkey through reliable partners.

Awarded best innovation future textile award by WTiN and product of the year award by SGIA in 2017, the company is clearly focused towards reinforcing current markets and opening new ones, Aleph is strongly committed to ensuring that their customers are fully satisfied with the features of LaForte®.

LaForte® delivers high performance and allows the quick creation of high quality finished product with precision. The LaForte® machine is on top of the category and is becoming a reference point for the digital printing market for fabric due to their high performance printing speed of up to 920 sqm/h. The greatest benefit comes for all production companies, normally using digital printing exclusively for small batch, continuing to use the traditional printing with a considerable increase in costs. Now, with the industrial printer they can take advantage of the benefits and innovation in digital printing for the entire process.

The printer is built industrial and equipped with the latest technology noticeable in the ease of use. The ‘Ready for Industry 4.0’ and IoT enabled remote maintenance and logging of critical events enable textile company owners and their senior management to track specific events in case of any disruption. From aluminum frame, best in class Kyocera dual channel print heads, patented eco feed system, to the sophisticated electronics and small foot print, the equipment has been designed with the future in mind.

According to Mr. Andrea Negretti, International Sales Manager for Aleph, “The LaForte® will enable Pakistani customers to acquire new capabilities in flexibility and speed, with lower operation costs: this will lead them to a better position when competing with traditional developing countries. While the number of LaForte® installations worldwide is increasing and clients feedbacks are very positive, Aleph R&D department is also developing a new plotter for a maximum width of 3400 mm. New achievements of the LaForte project reveal a specific attention to international market trends and embrace the company vision of a product integrated system for a complete service to customers.”

Aleph has recently appointed Saga Digital DMCC as their distributor for Pakistan, Middle east and Africa. Saga Digital is a company based in Dubai, with offices across Middle east and Africa and specializes in digital industrial printing and finishing solutions. Mr. Imran Zafar of Saga Digital has been recently relocated to Pakistan as the Managing Director, whereby Mr. Massoud Saad and Mr. Mehdy Berrada Baby, both company founders and directors, will continue to service Middle east and Africa respectively.

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